Milwaukee Court Bond Agency provides a wide variety of bond services.

Probate or Estate Bonds

Probate Bonds are also known as Executor or Estate Bonds. These bonds are required by the court to guarantee the proper distribution of assets by the executor of an estate whenever a person passes away or becomes incapacitated. Estate and Executor Bonds guarantee that the executor of an estate will properly allocate the assets of the deceased or incapacitated individual with whom they owe a fiduciary duty to.

Guardianship Bonds

These bonds ensure that legal guardians of minors or incapacitated individuals will not misuse any funds that are to be utilized to support that individual.

License and Permit Bonds

These bonds are required of those who must obtain licenses or permits from cities, towns, or political subdivisions before they can proceed with various activities. These bonds, although used for a variety of purposes, usually guarantee that the person who posts them will comply with statutes, regulations or ordinances that regulate their activities.

Notary Bonds

A Notary Bond is a legally binding contract guaranteeing the notary will complete tasks ethically and in adherence to the law.

Notary Errors and Omission Coverage

Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance protects you when you make a mistake that causes your client to suffer a financial loss.


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